TryCBDOilsNow is a place where you can always come to get answers to your questions about CBD oil. Or, you can simply just click around and learn about CBD oil, other CBD products, how CBD is helping so many people, how it can help you and much more.

I am the owner of the site, Rick Milne. Hello! My team and I hope that you are finding good information here! Originally this all started as an “idea” after I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and started to have seizures in my sleep frequently. Shortly after it would sometimes happen while I was awake at work or anywhere. Obviously this is kind of scary for anyone, so I started doing research around the web to learn as much as possible, including joining a bunch of groups on social media where I was able to learn from other real people with my specific form of Epilepsy.

I started reading more and more success stories by people using CBD oil that I started the FB Page & Group where people can share their stories. After trying a few different kinds (brands) of CBD oil it was easy to notice that it definitely did help to reduce my seizure activity. That is where is where this all began. After reading so many other stories from people it became a mission of mine to learn and share as much info as possible with people who will benefit.

It was also amazing to see how many people with other health issues were having success using CBD oil. There are dozens of health problems, diseases and reasons why people are using CBD oil and having success with it!

Our goal is to bring you as much useful information about CBD oil as possible. This may include but is not limited to things like: Reasons why people use CBD, Information about different CBD Oil Brands, Extraction processes, and more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and someone will respond ASAP.

“I created this page & group to share some of the amazing stories I have seen (read) from other people on here who also use CBD Oil with great results. It gives people a place to communicate with each other and share ideas, stories etc. 1 lady said her young daughter was having over 300 seizures per month and they got it down to less than 1 per day! Also, I think a group is a great place to share as much helpful information and links as possible. People can come back and find this stuff anytime they want.”